Cédric Delpoux

Hi, I'm Cédric Delpoux and I live in Toulouse, in south of France.

I'm a french front-end developper, currently working at 0nol.com (Webedia group).

It's an europpean news platform.

  • Responsive webdesign: UI and UX are very important for a modern website
  • Web development: I use trending front-end technologies to build web applications
  • Web design: I like spending time to create logos or illustrations
  • Technology watch: It is key to keeping up with the latest trends
  • Open source: Whithout open-source, front-end dev could be annoying

I choose to be a front-end developer because I love build nice visuals. I 'm currently working at Overblog, first europpean blogging platform . I enjoy make fun with React, GraphQL, CSS and other great front technologies. During my spare time, I like to hike in mountains to capture beautiful landscape with my drone to make movies.

Open source projects:

  • react-interactive-component: Create interactive demo for your React Component with ease
  • react-demo-page: Build a demo page for your react component with ease
  • react-bank-card: React component to display nice credit bank card
  • react-svg-line-chart: A lightweight responsive line chart component for React using only SVG
  • react-google-map: React component to render a map with markers from Google Maps API